[Marxism] New threads and old threads -- some leadership please

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Tue Apr 26 09:02:24 MDT 2005

Would someone please lay out some sort of principal regarding threads?

If a commentator changes the theme drastically and posters stay with 
the new theme even though the name no longer reflects the content, what 
is there to be done?

Stay with the old name because everyone is on board?

Switch because it may not have been read with the old name and may pick 
up interest with a new one? Implicit here is the assumption that the 
original idea has run its course.

I saw that my original thread had gone on a couple of days and was 
changed to Militant in Spanish. However, it seemed to me that there 
were some broader issues involved so I offered "regional issues of 
socialist newspapers."

Any suggestions?

BTW, I post without getting Marxmail as an e-mail.

brian shannon

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