[Marxism] Re: Militant in Spanish

David Walters dwalters at marxists.org
Tue Apr 26 15:48:43 MDT 2005

>   Better to have a weekly in English, the universal language, than to
> have no paper at all, or maybe just a thin monthly.

Yeah, Lueko, indeed, but there was no "CL" really in Germany, you and 
few others, so yes, it's true. But that' different than Nat London 
selling to tourists in Paris...someone has to get a life! Building a 
group of like minded workers, putting out leaflets, maybe a journal, at 
least that can be productive...the CL's have withered...in no small 
part because of their lack of a newspaper relating to events in their 

>   Regarding the amount of reporting from New Zealand, Australia,
> Canada, Britain, or what have you, will largely depend on what and how
> much people from there can write and submit.

So...very 'straight' news about a strike here and there or an SWP 
campaign someplace, sold to workers NZ or Malmo, Sweden, is suppose be 
"building a communist movement"? I just don't think this is serious, 
and doubt anyone does, really.

>    BTW, why did you not create a reply to my message, but a new
> thread?

I don't get the marxmail as e-mail where a simply reply is all that is 
needed. I read it off the web site, and then reply separately. I think 
the 'link' to your message is then broken automatically even when I 
copy/paste the subject header.


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