[Marxism] Supporting the resistance? (from xxxx)

Shane Brinton comradebrinton at moscowmail.com
Wed Apr 27 03:40:00 MDT 2005


Another of my critics stated: "You are not a
> Marxist." Might I remind comrades that the large-L
> Leninist variant of Marxism that dominates this site
> is not the only formulation of Marxism to have ever
> existed. It certainly is the most prominent, though
> only through an accident of history: the fact that the
> Bolsheviks won the civil war. If they hadn't, the
> trajectories of Marxist theory and socialist practice
> would have taken completely different forms. I hope
> non-Leninist Marxists are allowed to bob their heads
> up now and then on Marxmail, and be accorded the right
> to be engaged with in a comradely manner.

The reason people are saying that you are not a Marxist, is that your analysis is not a Marxist one. I don't think it has anything to do with your rejection of Leninism. As M. Junaid Alam has pointed out, your view on Iraq essentially amounts to the "white man's burden," also known as RACISM. You confirm this in your most recent email:

"In the highly unlikely event that US Leninists achieve a sudden withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, the violent chaos and continued sub-poverty conditions that would most likely ensue..."

You are saying that don't want the US to pull out immediately because it would create violence and impoverish the population. What do you think the situation in Iraq is right now? Who's fault is it? Who is more likely to rebuild the country: US corporations looking for a profit, or the Iraqi people?  

The sub-poverty conditions you speak of are a direct result of years of UN sanctions, US bombing raids, and the recent invasion and occupation.

As I pointed out in a previous email, you are a proponent of Samuel Huntington's "Clash of Civilizations." You see US imperialism as a modernizing power and "Islamists" as a backward and barbaric murderers. Why don't you just say "hajee" or "rag-head?" That's what you mean isn't it?

BK WRITES: "As a unionist I identify with workers trying to build unions everywhere; I am concerned about actions that may endanger fellow workers, unionists and councilists in Iraq, and that may put the fledgling labour movement in jeopardy. I therefore oppose unconditional withdrawal at this time."

Hey that's funny! Your proletarian internationalism compels you to support continued occupation!

No sir, I'm not criticizing you because you are not a Leninist. I know many Marxists that are not Leninists. Many are my friends... I have friendly, civilized debates with them. Some of them even call themselves "Marxist humanists," like you. But they are all for unconditional withdrawal. Even the few who vacillate on the issue of the Iraqi resistance - for many of the reasons you have stated - recognize the importance of the "troops out now" position. 


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