[Marxism] Re: Ralph Nader supported keeping Schiavo alive

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Wed Apr 27 17:27:39 MDT 2005

I always wanted to get married and have a child. It happened when I was 
45 years old.

Shortly after my son was born, I realized how much my parents must have 
loved me. All the conflicts that I had with them over my radical 
activity, my stiff relationship with my mother even before that--all 
that was wiped away. For the first time, I felt very emotional towards 
what she had felt for me and what she had gone through (my father had 
already passed away).

My stiffness as a personality undoubtedly was shaped by her own 
difficulty as a woman of ability (became an M.D. in the mid 1930s) 
operating in a chauvinistic world. She once said that she would have 
been happier as a nurse. Then she would have been appreciated for her 
ability, without being seen as a rival to the male doctors.

This is what made the Schiavo case so difficult for so many. Science 
and the law was on Mr. Schiavo's side. There was a lot of emotion on 
the other. As Fred says, this was completely aside from the religious 

What the media failed to point out, was that serious and caring people 
have been studying and working on this issues for many years. It was 
this body of work that resulted in Mr. Schiavo's case having merit. 
Unfortunately, much of this was passed over during the 
legal/emotional/political storm.

from Brian Shannon

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