[Marxism] Ralph Nader supported keeping Schiavo alive (and other matters)

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at osu.edu
Wed Apr 27 18:06:53 MDT 2005

The Terri Schiavo case, being a difficult and unusual one (since she 
didn't put her wish into writing before she fell into the persistent 
vegetative state, all anyone had was her husband's and parents' 
conflicting words on what she would have wanted), shouldn't be 
treated as a political litmus test.

Personally speaking, I was in favor of her husband's side (as her 
parents' side, given the politicization of the whole affair, 
unnecessarily introduced religion into law and politics), but I could 
also see the point of view of people who thought that, since her 
parents deeply loved her, wanted her to live, and appeared ready to 
attend to her as long as they lived, why not let them have the final 
say?  Schiavo herself, brain-damaged, couldn't have cared either way 
(even though she might have had a fleeting thought about how she 
would have liked to end her life before she became brain-damaged, she 
didn't care about it enough to make a living will).  I only worried 
about what might happen to her body once her parents died (this may 
be just my prejudice, but I didn't think that her siblings would be 
as willing to devote their lives to caring for her indefinitely as 
her parents would).

A larger question of how to reconcile disability rights and the right 
to assisted suicide remains, but that's best discussed apart from the 
Schiavo case.  Hard cases make bad laws.

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