[Marxism] Ralph Nader supported keeping Schiavo alive

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Who said anything about courting the right in 2004?
He appears to have been courting the right in 2005!



The latest of the never ending saga of Walter's twisted and illogical 
pronouncements regarding the T. Shiavo case...

 Taking as his premise the popular asssumption that the lady's right-to-live 
supporters are all (or for most part) of the Christian right, Walter suggests that 
Nader would have something electorally to gain by courting this group. In fact, the 
vast majority of Nader's "left wing" supporters, given the left's usual dogmatism on 
issues of this nature, would have supported the husband and, like Walter, would 
have viewed with suspicion the motivations of Shiavo's defenders. Knowing this, 
would Nader have anything to gain from courting the Christian Right supporters of 
Shiavo? if anything, this would severely damage his reputation amongst his trad. 
support base.

There is also nothing suggesting that the Christian Right will ever vote for Nader (or 
for that matter would have any need to). To begin with, most republicans backed the 
lady's right to live or  defended members of the party who came to her defence and 
who were subsequently attacked for their positions by the Lib. rags. I don't see why 
these politicians' supporters, assuming them all to be of the Christian right variation, 
should feel compelled to jump ship to an individual (Ralph Nader) who aside from 
his perspective on Shiavo, shares nothing politically in common with this 
demographic. In fact, about the only thing that Nader and the Christian Right share 
is their belief that the Lady shouldn't have died. From there, the reasons for coming 
to their position diverge as much as their views on the  death penalty, the military, 
abortion, marriage, social security, welfare, etc.

Secondly, walter implies that politicians are all, without exeption, cynical beings who 
are accordingly driven by cynical motivations. Perhaps it never occurred to Walter, 
although it's understandable coming from his ideological standpoint, that politicians 
(including Nader) vote occasionally according to their conscience, what they 
actually believe to be right as human beings, as opposed what they believes might 
improve their chances of getting elected...


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