[Marxism] European solidarity with Argentina

Paddy Apling e.c.apling at btinternet.com
Sat Apr 30 10:12:19 MDT 2005

At 12:50 30/04/2005, Nestor Gorojovsky  wrote
>The EU draft constitution is a colonialist document.  According to
>the draft, all territories claimed by any European colonialist power
>are claimed by the EU as a whole.
>This includes the Malvinas, South Atlantic Islands of Argentina and
>the Antarctic territorial claims of Argentina and Chile (it is
>usually forgotten that the single armed encounter on Antarctica was
>waged by Argentinean troops against British troops, in 1952 if I am
>not wrong, certainly between 1950 and 1955).


>Of course, it is not a matter that worries Argentineans only, there
>are many contested areas that the EU constitution puts under colonial
>rule --including areas _within Europe_ such as the Six Counties and

While, as usual, generally agreeing with Nestor, a Englishman's comment may 
be worthwhile - particularly as my wife was born in Gibraltar and I met 
many Gibraltarians during their time as "evacuees" in England during WWII 
(I lived right next to Dr. Barnardo's Village Home for Girls in 
Barkingside, Essex - where they were housed).

So on Gibraltar I would comment that twice Gibraltarians have voted almost 
unanimously NOT to "return" to Spain - and it is somewhat hypocritical for 
Spain, holding Cueta as a fortified post on the coast of Morocco - to 
object to Gibraltar being a self-governing enclave, "colony of Britain" on 
their coast.

The Malvinas, similarly, have a long history of English-speaking 
settlement, so while I, in general, support,the Argentinian claim - the 
issue is not clear cut.

On the Six Counties - this area does remain, quite unjustifiably, as the 
remaining portion of England's oldest colony and campaigns for 
re-unification of Eire have the support of the population of most of 
western Europe (apart, that is, from England itself ....)

None of these colonial remnants should be "constitutionally" recognised by 
the EU -
but the proposed "constitution" is an abortion in many other respects as 


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