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JnB> Lueko says, in response to my criticisms of the organized left for
JnB> its "dead tree" (print) fetish: "There is one big difference
JnB> which is crucial for asembling people: handing over a copy of a
JnB> newspaper printed on paper is a personal contact which makes a
JnB> direct conversation possible. And, as you certainly
JnB> agree, physical presence is irreplacable."

JnB> In the big majority of newspaper sales no real personal contactor
JnB> conversation is established.

   As I said: is possible. That implies that it is not guaranteed.

JnB> I would say also that virtual presence is irreplaceable, and the
JnB> reach of virtual presence is much greater than physical.

   Sure, a web site is accessible from all over the world, and an  
article can be read as soon as it is uploaded. No wait till it is  
typeset, printed, collated, mailed, shipped, and finally arrived.

   But looking up a website, or downloading articles from a Newsgroup  
or mailing list, while sitting alone and isolated in one's apartment  
is not the same as meeting a revolutionist in person.

   Also, it all depends on what one wants to achieve. My idea is still  
to build a party which can give a lead in the struggle, which embodies  
the experience of 150 and more years of working class movement and  
class struggles as a body of men and women who know and trust each  
other and who know more or less instinctively what to do in a new  
situation (like the Bolshevik party in 1917, whereas a similarly  
preparted party was missin in Germany).

   It is certainly up to the individual or team selling a newspaper,  
in how for they just do a commodity exchange, or take the chance to  
get into a discussion (this does, of course, also depend on the  
situation). Sales of subscriptions do, of course, allow more of a  
follow-up work than single copy sales.

   When I look up a website, I see only my computer, the other side  
only sees the logfile, and maybe some cookies (which I hate).

   One needs to have both.

   You (Joaquín) mentioned magazines who only put some articles on  
their website to incite people to buy the printed edition. Maybe one  
can do the opposite: putting more in depth articles on the website,  
and using the printed paper as an introduction to it.

   By the way, for reading on the Web, one needs to use relatively  
complex tools, while a paper can be read even during a power blackout,  
and does not require more than having learned to read.


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