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Mr. Godena,

Your blog is, in a word, ignorant:
But the greater long-term effects of 11 million (!) illegal immigrants
now poised to receive President Bush's "amnesty" are being felt by
virtually everyone.   The exponential rise in housing costs can be
directly attributed to sudden surges in populations demanding a
commodity in increasingly short supply.   Workers here are taking a
double-whammy; reduced wages, or lost jobs altogether, while paying
through the nose for basic services, like housing.

Too, the $70 billions or so it costs the American economy to provide
basic services to those who are here without documentation threaten to
close hospitals, bankrupt municipalities, and drive basic services into

1.  Housing costs have absolutely nothing to do with the "demand"
generated by "illegal" aliens who do not qualify for mortgages, bank
loans, etc.

2.  The "costs" of basic services to the undocumented have absolutely
nothing to do with the curtailment of those services by governments.
Undocumented workers contribute much more to  tax revenues than they
"consume" in social service.

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Does the Left have a policy on Illegal Immigration?   Is it Workable?
And What do Workers think about it?

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