[Marxism] Mr. Louis Godena's racist, white supremacist provocation

Calvin Broadbent calvinbroadbent at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 1 05:51:01 MDT 2005

Of course bosses support immigration *as a class*. I never denied that. Many 
bosses, of course, are thoroughly racist and propound the same lines you 
have, that there is 'too many' immigrant workers, and are more than willing 
to discriminate against them in favour of 'indigenous' labour. I am not at 
all spouting rhetoric. Isn't it obvious what class benefits from 
criminalising and penalising immigrant labour? Where is your evidence that 
public services are being drained by the needs of immigrant labour? 
Immigrant labour in Europe has tended to function more as a cheap (in 
training costs and in wages) prop to decaying and otherwise loss-incurring 
welfare states. I do not wish to evade the immigration debate at all. I 
question how constructive your opposition to immigration is in a racist and 
imperialist state such as you live in.

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