[Marxism] Mr. Louis Godena's racist, white supremacist provocation

rrubinelli rrubinelli at earthlink.net
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Mr. Godena,

The issue you pretend to present here is not at all the issue you
present in your blog.

You utilize phrases historically associated with racism, anti-worker,
xenophobia, i.e. "Chinese wages" to make a false case, that somehow
undocumented immigrants  are a threat to the welfare of  the "national"
working class.

A couple of facts, from the US Census Bureau and the Congressional
Budget Office, which I'm sure makes them suspect and not as reliable as
the stats you get from....exactly where do you get your stats Mr.
Godena?  The Washington Post?  The Economist?  Well, you should check
that a little closer, since both do very little broad statistical work
of their own, but usually take the statistics from...government
agencies.. but so much for nit-picking.

1. Immigrants, documented and undocumented, account for approximately
12% of the US population, with half of that amount being of Latin
American/Caribbean origin.  Half of that total amount arrived in the US
after 1990-- a period that coincides with a real economic upsurge in the
US until 2001, and even the reversal of the decline in real wages
workers had experienced in the 1974-1991 period.  So shouldn't we point
out the benefit of such immigration to workers in general?

2. Housing vacancy rates for both rental and ownership have remained
fairly steady since 1985 and are significantly greater than the rates in
the 1960s.  The increase in housing costs has nothing to do with
increased demands by undocumented workers as the housing stocking has
actually increased.

3. No municipality in the US, no municipal social service is facing
bankruptcy due to increased demand by undocumented immigrant workers.
Recent cuts have centered on Medicaid and Medicare and those cuts are
due to declining federal contributions, increasing poverty among the
"home grown" population, and increased medical pricing policies.

Now some bosses love illegal immigration, but that does not stop them,
or bosses in general, or the class from attacking immigrants, whipping
up racist panic, and scape-goating them when in fact the source of
general economic distress is in capital, and not labor, document or
undocumented, domestic or imported.  You are playing that game, their
game.  Instead of identifying the real sources of  declining social
services, which accompanies real declines in manufacturing employment,
you point your cadaverous, cankered, and thoroughly bourgeois finger at
the poor, at the victims, at those least capable of their own defense.

Damn, should have included "cowardly" in the above description.


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