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Einde O'Callaghan einde at
Mon Aug 1 06:24:22 MDT 2005

Ben C wrote:

> One of the stranger accomnodations to anti-immigrant racism is the 
> British left bovver boys of Red Action ( who appear to 
> be the main driving force behind the Independent Working Class 
> Association which has a number of councillors elected here and there. 
> Especially strange considering their main recreational activity seems to 
> be picking fights with neo-nazis and Glasgow Rangers fans (I've never 
> been to the UK--are Rangers fans and nazis the same thing?). 

Not quite. To undestand this you have to know something of teh religious 
sectarian politics of Glasgow. There are two main football (soccer, for 
Americans on this list) in Glasgow, Glasgow Celtic, whose traditional 
supporter base comes from the Catholic working class (largely of Irish 
immigrant origin) and Glasgow Rangers, whose traditional supporter base 
comes from the Protestant working class - indeed for many years Rangers 
boasted taht it had never ever had a Catholic player on the team.

Celtic supporters have also traditionally been supporters of the 
Republican movement in Ireland - an extensive repertoire of Republican 
songs is added to the traditional chants by the supporters. Rangers 
supporters have, on the other hand, tended to support the Ulster 
Loyalists. In this they have some points of contact with British Nazis 
since there are ideological similarities, e.g. an ideology of racial 
superiority, a tendency towards mindless violence etc. but the 
differences are also important, e.g. among Loyalists there is no 
particular love for Hitler.

Red Action have always had a soft spot for Irish Republicanism and most 
of them would identify strongly with Celtic fans against the traditional 
enemy, Rangers fans.

Einde O'Callaghan

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