[Marxism] Moderator's note

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Aug 1 07:10:43 MDT 2005

I should start off by mentioning that I dropped Rolf Martens from the list 
immediately after he posted a 16,000 communique from his website in 
defiance of my request that he forward a brief summary and a url after his 
last lengthy UNITE! statement. Additionally, I erred in ever letting him on 
the list to start with. Rolf puts forward rightwing positions cloaked in 
Marxist rhetoric, including a full-bore defense of the creation of new 
nuclear power plants in Western Europe. Back in the bad old days of the 
list that preceded this one, Rolf used to set off interminable flame wars 
through this kind of trolling. It really is a waste of time for a Marxism 
list to get bogged down in trying to explain that 2+2 = 4.

This brings me to Louis Godena's blog entry on immigration.

Louis, let me strongly advise you that Marxmail has editorial 
considerations just like any Marxist publication. Roughly speaking, it 
operates within the parameters of Monthly Review, Science and Society, the 
New Left Review, etc. It is difficult enough to manage debates within these 
broadly defined parameters without having to deal with arguments from 
beyond the pale--as your contribution on immigration was.

I strongly abjure you to think twice before posting something as 
provocative as this in the future. Marxmail is not Hyde Park where every 
leftist can make speeches as long as they have a soapbox. We need to focus 
on political controversies within mainstream Marxism. The only person I 
have run into recently who is as stridently anti-immigration as you is a 
character named Vangelis who hangs out on alt.politics.socialism.trotsky. 
Of course, anything goes over there...

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