[Marxism] Moderator's note

Louis R Godena louisgodena at ids.net
Mon Aug 1 07:50:03 MDT 2005

> Louis, let me strongly advise you that Marxmail has editorial 
> considerations just like any Marxist publication. Roughly speaking, it 
> operates within the parameters of Monthly Review, Science and Society, the 
> New Left Review, etc. It is difficult enough to manage debates within 
> these broadly defined parameters without having to deal with arguments 
> from beyond the pale--as your contribution on immigration was.

Well, you're the boss here, Lou, but I have to point out that my "beyond the 
pale arguments" reflect more accurately the sincere feelings of my fellow 
workers, who are neither racist nor xenophobic than do the numerous 
rejoinders to them.   Also, briefly I wanted to point out that being 
mis-quoted ("Chinese-level wages" became "Chinese wages") or taken out of 
context (I close my article by advocating the wholesale organization of 
immigrants into unions) cannot obscure the fact that the Left and its 
institutions (including the publications you named) remain far outside the 
realm of what actual workers are actually thinking.

But, fair enough.  Conversation ended.

Louis G 

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