[Marxism] Human origin

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Mon Aug 1 08:33:36 MDT 2005

Paul H. Dillon :


I'm not familiar with the PBS special.  What's also interesting, besides the
symbolic stuff, is that chimps plan "military" actions and kill other chimps
that try to secede from the primary band with females.   I love the Goodall
footage of the chimp who figured out how to scare the other ones by rolling
trash can lids at them which made an incredibly horrible noise.

CB: The presence of a trash can lid raises some concern about the level of
intervention of humans with these chimps. How many other aspects of their
conduct is the result of long term contact with humans , especially
primatologists ?  Are the chimps "in the wild" of all these studies really
all the way in the wild ?

There's a real "contact" and "contamination" problem.



My point about the human speciation issue is simply that I'm not sure what
the question is.  A long time ago our ancestors embarked on a journey in
which tools came to constitute the pattern of adaptation.  That went on for
a couple of million years with increasing sophistication of stone tool
construction correlating to some degree with anatomical variation.   Control

of fire was discovered by homo erectus approximately 1/2 million years ago.
Homo erectus isn't the same species as modern humans.  Our current species
(homo sapiens sapiens- highly inaccurate classificatory name)

CB: Yea, in my opinion , there can't be a sub-species that is not a race in
some sense. But race doesn't exist ( See C.Loring Brace, et al).


 is about 
100,000 ya. That's about 90,000 years before agriculture. So what's the
point?  Where do you think that first anatomically sapien sapien popped out
of the homo line? 

CB: This is a very good point to focus on.

I'm thinking that - now here's a fuller definition - some group of homonids
discovered or invented using symbols to represent dead members of the group
and organizing the social life of the living members of the group based on
relationships to dead , former members of the group. In other words, a
system of kinship based in ancestors and ancestor "worship".  This group
became an isolated population and gene pool, speciating. The rest is


  Chimps probably look at us as the species that took the 
wrong turn.



CB: With nukes, it's looking like they are right.

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