[Marxism] Re: The "Reserve Army of the Unemployed": ImmigrantWorkers, Overtime, Etc.

Louis R Godena louisgodena at ids.net
Mon Aug 1 09:44:11 MDT 2005

I was in the midst of answering this point for point when I realized what a 
futile enterprise it is talking to people who clearly have no conception of 
what it means to work for a living.   To live above the level of 
"subsistence" is egregiously sinful for "native" workers, but meet and right 
for others to spend thousands of dollars and travel thousands of miles for 
the chance to do so.   A spouse should not seek work but instead should 
"organize" the partner's workplace for better wages.  More immigrants should 
come into this country in order to retrieve the vast sums that have been 
"sucked out" of their homelands, thereby helping those who presumably did 
the sucking to reverse the process on American workers.   [Question: Who 
gets to "suck' the wealth that the home countries originally "sucked" out of 
whomever they "sucked" it out of?).   We can all see where this is heading.

I do not "prefer" capitalists to immigrant workers.  I am not fond of "petty 
producers".  I advocate the organizing of immigrants into trade unions (re: 
the very fine article by David Bacon I provided as my final link in the 
blog).   I feel that, yes, the bosses are using immigration as a club with 
which to beat workers.  Yes, fully a quarter of all immigrants have some 
college education.   Yes, very few of them are penniless vagabounds, and, 
yes, many if most are here *not* to organize workers but to "get over" into 
the American way of lifting oneself by placing one's foot on the neck of 
another and his family, and so on.   And, finally, yes, I have a good deal 
more respect for people who stay and fight where they are.   These are 
realities that a goodly portion of workers -- immigrants or not -- have to 
contend with every day.  It is not a reality that most cloistured in a 
university or some other sinecure are familiar with, other than in a purely 
"academic" sense.

So, each of us knows where the other stands.  Let's leave it at that.

Louis Godena 

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