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- Jane Fonda is an American actress
- Vanessa Redgrave is a British actress
- Rita: is an acronym, an abbreviation for: Resistance Inside The Armies

Jane Fonda and Vanessa Redgrave are mutual Friends, and Friends of Rita

Plekhanov was a Russian who described the role the Individual and the role
of the Accident in History. Around 1890 Plek taught Lenin about Karl Marx,
who had died in London in 1883.

Plekhanov wrote that economic developments, mass movements, were
fundamental. Particular individuals would fill new vacancies created by
history. Plek took Napoleon Buonaparte as his classic example, wrote that
if Nappy had had an accident, fallen off his horse, died , young, someone
else would have taken his place, done similar things using the energy of
the French Revolution.

Maybe. I note that Plek is looking at the negative, at early deaths, and
their effects on events, history.

I wonder about the positives. A new resistance inside the American Army,
RITA, arose after thousands of American, a million Vietnamese, deaths.
During the 1960’s. It was quite different, from earlier GI resistance
movements – in other lost colonial struggles. Such as the American
invasion of North Korea in 1950, or – who remembers that one ? American
attempts to "save" China (from falling) - to the Chinese – Communists – in
the late 1940’s, frustrated by a massive, but brief, "we are going home"
revolt in the US army.

The American RITA after 1965 was also quite different from earlier
resistance movements in the Dutch, British, French, even (later) the
Portuguese Armies. Yes, RITA existed in these armies, fighting losing
colonial wars, but it was smaller, and usually much less organised. For
instance these soldiers then rarely published "GI Papers", common amongst
American GIs after 1967.

And – as far as I know – the Dutch, British, even French Resisters then
had no such friends, Fritas, as Jane Fonda, Vanessa Redgrave. To pick on
two particular, - yes - important – individual examples.!

I’d love to ask Plekhanov, who, unfortunately, is no longer with us –
whether the action of such "famous individuals" was foreordained ? Could
others have taken the place of Fonda, of Redgrave, even if there had been
no – it really was a quite accidental – initial encounter between the
pregnant Jane and US Rita Private Dick Perrin in Paris, in 1968 ? Which,
so Jane Fonda:

"would never have happened had my beloved former stepmother Susan not come
to Paris to check up on me during my pregnancy. At dinner one evening, a
friend of hers introduced me to a ninenteen-year-old fresh-faced kid 

Dick Perrin 
 a U.S.Army resister from the First Battalion of Sixty-Fourth
Armored Brigade, stationed in West Germany
 it was my introduction to what
within two years would become a major focus of my activism: GIs against
the war
.RITA". (*)

"Would never have happened if not
" This encounter was an accident. How
would Plek see it ? Would Jane Fonda have met another such RITA later ? Or
would another actress meet Perrin and – as Fonda "soon knowing but no
longer willing to keep quiet" – take on the role, the battles, the
struggles as effectively as Jane Fonda soon did ? (*)

Not only in France, the USA, the Pacific, where the FTA (Fuck or Free the
Army) troup she led played with and for some 60,000 GIs, RITAs (*).

Fonda, in California, created another "historic accident" – linked,
surely, to her as an individual.: She persuaded her friend Vanessa
Redgrave to come with her to Camp Pendleton, to the US Marines base. To
distribute RITA GI papers. Anti-war, Anti-Marine-Corps. Redgrave, scared,
feared they would be attacked, harassed, by these "Baby-killers". The –
for her surprising - most positive anti-war, FTMC, reception the Marines
gave them converted the British actress into a dedicated FRITA, Friend of
the Resisters. Back in London Vanessa took the lead organising the highly
successful June 1970 anti-war meeting at the Lyceum Ballroom. She invited
5 active duty GIs from the American 7th Army in Germany and Vietnam. The
GI’s, particularly Spec/5 John Fisher, all breaching innumerable Army
Regulations, spoke, in Uniform, from the Ltyceum platform, captured the
audience. That meeting, and Vanessa’s further support, helped establish
the most effective US Air Force RITAF organisation of the American/Vietnam
war: "People Emerging Against Corrupt Establishments. – PEACE – with
almost legal papers, offices, in eight US Air Farce Bases in Britain. A
mass organisation, only eventually countered by massive discharges. A
harbinger that even "safe", quite unshot at, Airmen, Airwomen, would
resist their role as killers.

Plek: a question: Were these – two - highly effective women, Fonda,
Redgrave, Individual Accidents? Or part of a then almost world-wide
movement ? When the US ruling class had the "bad luck" to fight, and lose,
its – last ? – old Flag Imperialist war at the climax of a historic "Wave"
– the wide-spread Youth Revolt of the 1960’s ?

I can only observe, witness. Maybe discuss, Act. I’ll leave the theory to
the philosophers ..

Max Watts

(*) This is a brief, somewhat hurried, note. Details concerning these
events, Waves, Flag and Dollar Imperialism, RITA Films and books, exist in
other papers, available on application. mw


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