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Many thanks to our friend, author Circles Robinson,
for sharing this commentary which would be properly
filed in our "dark humor" section, if we had one. He's
asked that we share it with readers, who need a light
moment from time to time. It is also web-posted here:

Cuba: Halliburton's Hallucinations
By Circles Robinson, August 2, 2005

The US State Department is happy to announce that its
stellar corporation, Halliburton, has been awarded a 300
billion dollar contract to rebuild Cuba just as it was
before the 1959 revolution that took it out of the fold of
the Monroe doctrine.

Cuba Transition Coordinator Caleb McCarry made the
announcement after the Pentagon verified that the last
pocket of Cuban patriots was annihilated in a repeat of the
Spanish conquest of the indigenous natives. Approximately
11 million insurgents were killed in the prolonged battle
for democracy.

McCarry said he is bullish about the island and has
authorized the "community" in Miami to draw up plans for a
new Havana and Varadero vacationland. A delegation of
80-year-old exiles and their children are expected to visit
their old homeland as soon as the chemicals used in the mop
up effort have dissipated. Environmental critics say this
could take 500 years but Gen. Paul Bremmer says by the time
hurricane season is over the toxic dust will have settled
or blown elsewhere.

Since sugar is no longer a big profit commodity and in
order to boost the local economy, the White House is
planning to open the gates of its Guantanamo Naval Base and
extend its offshore prison to the central and eastern
provinces of the island. It is estimated that several
hundred thousand prisoners could be held captive under Abu
Ghraib conditions, without charges or lawyers.

Freedom House experts believe contracts worth 100 billion
dollars could be awarded in the first 3 years for prison
construction and that some 20,000 jail keepers and
administrative personnel could be brought in.

Meanwhile, the Bush administration's Commission for
Assistance to a Free Cuba will begin to implement the
social programs it proposed to create a prosperous
democracy for the island's residents. At first, the
commission notes, the only people around to be vaccinated
would be the prisoners at Guantanamo, but officials believe
that service personnel could be imported from other Latin
American democracies to serve the island's new owners.
These, would get the schools, hospitals and jobs promised
to the now deceased Cubans who foolishly refused to accept
the generous US aid.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told reporters at a
Washington press conference that the world is now a safer
place without the troublesome Cubans and that the demise of
the island's leaders (although they were never found) marks
the beginning of a new era for the Western Hemisphere. The
top US diplomat said once Cuba is repopulated a new
president would be selected in free and fair elections.

For his part, Halliburton's man in the White House,
Vice-president Dick Cheney, said the emblematic corporation
he represents plans to contract out a portion of the
reconstruction work to companies from nations that
supported the war. He recalled President Bush's statement
that in the war against terrorism "all the spoils go to the

PS: In our next instalment, Voice of the Americas will
bring its readers the story of ants that eat whales and
turtles that run in marathons.

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