[Marxism] Anthony McIntyre on IRA disarmament

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Aug 2 17:36:35 MDT 2005

>As yet, we've only read the denunciamentos, but
>nothing in the way of an alternative political
>strategy to win what the military campaign didn't.

Walter, I am not sure that you are aware that Irish subscribers to Marxmail 
have argued alternative political strategies in copious detail. A number of 
them identify with the very fine online journal called "The Blanket" that 
contains trenchant critiques of the IRA and Sinn Fein. For example: 

One of our Irish comrades is James Daly, a philosophy professor, whose wife 
was gunned down by the British army during the armed struggle. We are not 
talking about people kibbitzing from afar when we read his posts. Just go 
to the Marxmail archives and do a search on his name. You'll learn a lot.

>They simply were in a blind alley and had to make
>a change of tactics.

Walter, do you delete everything I post without reading it? How 
unfortunate. You might actually learn something. I posted an Independent 
article the other day that reported that Gerry Adams had become enamored of 
New Labor and sought to develop a similar party in Northern Ireland. This 
is not tactics. It is politics. A tactic is using mobile picket lines to 
defend a strike. Politics is agreeing that there is no alternative to 

>When I was a little kid, I remember the expression
>"Let's you and him fight" which is more or less
>what these articulate critics seem to be saying.

Yes, we are dirty Trotskyite splitters, aren't we now. 

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