[Marxism] Anthony McIntyre on IRA disarmament

Danielle Ni Dhighe danielle at irsm.org
Tue Aug 2 17:55:54 MDT 2005

At 03:31 PM 8/2/2005, Walter  Lippmann wrote:
 >Those who denounce the IRA for some alleged "betrayal"
 >from the comfort of their homes and offices

Anthony McIntyre, who wrote that article, served 15 years in a British 
prison for PIRA activities and still resides in West Belfast.  He's even 
had his life threatened for speaking out against the PIRA.

 >They simply were in a blind alley and had to make
 >a change of tactics.

That's utter nonsense, Walter.  There's a wide gulf between changing 
tactics and abandoning the struggle.  The INLA called a ceasefire so the 
IRSP could focus its energies on organising within working class 
communities for radical social change.  That's a change in tactics.  What 
the Provisionals have done is to abandon both republicanism and socialism 
(which they once claimed to represent) to become part of the imperialist 
power structure.  As Philip Ferguson, a former organiser for Provisional 
Sinn Fein, said, this has only strengthened capitalist social relations in 

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