[Marxism] Antiwar movement debate: Unity on what basis?

Andrew Splane andrew_splane at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 2 22:58:57 MDT 2005

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"...But opinion polls show consistent support among Americans for Palestinian rights, which makes it very likely that military families, veterans and rank-and-file members of the labor movement either already support Palestinian rights in some form, or could be convinced to do so if the antiwar movement gave a lead on the question. 
What UFPJ doesn’t say is that the people it is more worried about alienating are Zionists in their ranks and Democratic Party politicians, whose support for Israel is a given. UFPJ’s leaders would rather sideline thousands of Arabs and Muslims who have been the targets of state repression than a handful of Democrats and their liberal supporters. For a movement that chides itself about the need to attract more people of color into its ranks, this is a curious position to hold. 
A “unity” that leaves Arabs and Muslims on the sidelines is no unity at all..."

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