[Marxism] Human origin and evolution of dogs

Chris Warren cwarren at pcug.org.au
Wed Aug 3 07:41:58 MDT 2005

As a materialist I have long pondered the question of human origin.

One incident seems to me to be a significant pointer.  A well known TV show 
in Australia once had a segment on the Chinese Crested dog.  Now this 
interested me as it looked like the characteristics of Chinese Crested dogs 
and other canines was evocative of the difference between 'homo sapiens 
sapiens' and others such as homo erectus and homo sapiens.

In essense, Chinese Crested dogs exhibited a distincly unnatural hair 
pattern - hairless except for some sites such as on the top of the head.  In 
general they also has a more nervous disposition than other canines.  These 
attributes, in canines, seem to represent what may have been the same 
differences between humans and earlier homo species.

It could be that here is a possible repeat of human evolution in another 
branch of mammalian evolution.   Or at least it seems a good hypothesis.

The compare, Mike Walsh, asked how the Chinese Crested dog was produced - 
the answer was "inbreeding".  I understand that similar inbreeding produces 
hairless mice for scientific experiments.

Inbreeding seems appropriate.  As human origin long predates civilisation 
(and recorded history) only one human tradition seems to echo the dilema of 
human origin voiced today as a core  prohibition against incest.  Could it 
be that humans are in fact an unnatural evolution brought about by an 
occasion of inbreeding possibly when populations were much reduced either by 
climate change or by floods as continents drifted apart and territory 
flooded by the sea.

It seems quite plausible, by observed modern events in other mammals, that 
repeated ancient inbreeding of our ancestors could have produced homo 
sapiens sapiens.  There is no reason why our increased brain power could not 
have accidentally originated in this process.  Human brainpower is far in 
excess of that required for normal mammal species existance.  Human brains 
may have been produced by a lucky accident via inbreeding, and it is only by 
virtual of this additional circumstance that allowed the human species to 
survive at all.  In the alternative - 'humans' with only the IQ of chimps 
may not have had sufficient means to survive in a natural environment.

Even today, the ancient religious proscription of incest seem to me to 
possibly reflect some ancient trauma of inbreeding particularly when mankind 
first become conscious and recognised existence as a true dilema and as a 
struggle to survive against reality.

In this scenario - human origin is clearly a phenonema of materialism, 
whatever the actual details may have been.  Also in this scenario, we can 
dispense with any missing link, because the process was revolutionary.

Chris Warren

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