[Marxism] Fidel Castro Presides Over Venezuela Military Graduation

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Wed Aug 3 09:58:14 MDT 2005

(Nice photo of Fidel handing out a diploma to one of the 
graduating officers. You can see from this why, when the 
doctor who heads up Cuba's 120-Years Club as asked about 
the Commander-in-Chief's participation, he explained that 
the very competitive leader might in fact live to be 140. 
See story below this.)

Fidel Castro Presides Over Venezuela Military Graduation

Havana, Aug 3 (Prensa Latina) President Fidel Castro
presided over the graduation ceremony of Venezuelan
military in Havana, in which he highlighted the timely
value of the Bolivarian Revolution.

The Cuban leader spoke at the "Libertador Simón Bolívar"
Venezuelan Army Academy´s 46th graduation ceremony, whose
graduate officers elected him their patron.

In the closing speech, he stressed the Bolivarian
revolution has arrived at just the right moment to
contribute to the second and definitive independence of
Latin America, as Simón Bolívar dreamed.

The solemn ceremony took place Tuesday evening at the
Revolution Palace Council of State where the statesman
personally delivered the diplomas to each of the 75

He said the presence of the South American officers is
proof that our Latin American homelands are producing the
most necessary, profound, and most just of revolutions.

President Castro called this decision of the Venezuelan
military academic institution spontaneous and unexpected,
something unimaginable only a few years ago, and he
accepted it in the name of the Cuban people.

Those who do not understand the phenomena taking place in
Bolivar´s homeland and other Latin American latitudes add
to the calumny and lies, as well as creating conditioned
reflexes among the people to keep them in ignorance and
oppression, he said.

The Head of State warned that these adversaries don´t have
to worry because, he said, President Chávez and I are not
subverting the order, as they accuse us. There are others
who, for many years have maintained an unsustainable order,
he countered.

He pointed out that changes are inevitable due to the
objective conditions urged by the people, whose
consciousness is growing. We hope change comes as
peacefully as possible, because none of us wants war, he

Never lose patience. The lies used as instruments of
domination will be overcome, Fidel Castro told the
Venezuelan lieutenant colonels.

The President predicted that what is happening in Venezuela
today will not only have repercussions in Latin America,
but also among the US people, who mobilized against the war
in Vietnam and demanded that the child Elian be returned to
his country.

He told the officers of the South American nation to be
inspired by the worth of independence. From men such as you
spring those leaders with a sense of justice, bravery,
dignity and reason, he stressed.

Fidel Castro further said that the Bolivarian Revolution´s
ideas of justice can benefit the entire world, presenting
challenges such as the sovereignty of the human species.

You have every possibility of making those dreams come
true, he concluded, in reference to the as yet incomplete
true independence and unity of Latin America.

By decision of the Cuban Council of State, the Venezuelan
graduates, presided over by director of the military
academy, Brigadier General Carlos Antonio Centeno Mena,
received the Combat Brotherhood Medal.

The Cuban President was presented with a replica of a
Venezuelan Navy submarine and batons used by the generals
of that country, and then left with the Venezuelan military
delegation, who were accompanied by close family members.

Caracas Ambassador to Havana Adán Chávez was among those
attending the ceremony, as were high level Cuban officers
of the Revolutionary Armed Forces.


Fidel Castro can live to 140, doctor says

May 19, 2004

Fidel Castro's doctor denied rumours that the president's
health was ailing, saying today the 77-year-old leader is
in excellent health and claiming he can live at least 140

Dr Eugenio Selman Housein said Mr Castro continues to run
and swim and pointed to the president's participation in a
massive protest march on Friday.

Castro led the march past the US diplomatic mission in
Havana to protest US policy against the island's communist
government for about 800 metres, walking slowly and with
some difficulty.

"He is formidably well," Mr Housein told reporters at a
conference on "satisfactory longevity" in the capital city.
The press "is always speculating about something, that he
had a heart attack once, that he had cancer, some
neurological problem."

But Mr Castro is healthy enough to live at least 140 years,
said Mr Selman, who heads a "120-years Club" that promotes
wholesome habits for the elderly.

"I am not exaggerating," said Mr Selman, who believes
people are capable of living five times the number of years
it takes for the human body to fully grow - which he said
is around 25 years.

Cuba's life expectancy, which is 76.6 years, is one of
Latin America's highest, and just below that of the United
States, which is 77.4 years, according to the CIA World

Mr Selman is never far from Mr Castro and marched near the
leader on Friday. He is one of 250 medical experts from
Latin American and the United States participating in the
longevity conference, which runs to Friday.


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