[Marxism] Progressive Brazilian Deputy Fights Back

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 3 09:35:49 MDT 2005

(Many on the right and some on the left have rushed to 
endorse allegations of corruption against the Brazilian 
PT government led by Lula, they have have to pull back 
if it turns out actual evidence may be lacking. Facts 
don't matter much to those with a pre-conceived agenda 
of discrediting the Brazilian PT government. Of course, 
the idea that you might NOT have corruption in a poor, 
third-world country with hundreds of millions of people 
would stretch credulity. But it may well take more than 
"Round up the usual suspects" to lower the Workers Party 
regime to its predecessors' level. It seems that workers 
in Brazil sense this instinctively, though it may elude 
some on the revolutionary-minded international left.)

Progressive Brazilian Deputy Fights Back

Rio de Janeiro, Aug 3 (PL) Parliamentary Deputy and Former
Minister José Dirceu may have won his first battle against
the Brazilian ultra-right, after his deposition to the
Chamber of Deputies Ethics Council.

He debunked opponents and said he´s being pre-judged with
no formal charges, while the controversial deputy Roberto
Jefferson, who under his own corruption scandal levied
accusations against the Workers Party (PT), could not
produce a single shred of evidence against Dirceu.

Still a deputy, he said “I won’t give up my position in
Parliament.” Dirceu said he´s not being judged for errors,
crimes or illegal actions, but for “what he represents in
the history of Brazil.”

Part of that country´s new left, he pledged alliance to
President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who he said was that
country´s “best leader in recent times.”

Dirceu assured he knew nothing of PT payoffs to deputies of
other political affiliations and supported his party´s
current efforts at investigatiing corruption charges and
punishing those guilty.


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