[Marxism] 14 U.S. Marines Killed in Iraq When Bomb Hits Their Vehicle

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 3 07:48:27 MDT 2005

(People don't like liberators who come bearing bayonets!)

August 3, 2005
14 U.S. Marines Killed in Iraq When Bomb Hits Their Vehicle

BAGHDAD, Iraq, Aug. 3 - Fourteen marines were killed early
today when their troop carrier struck a gigantic roadside
bomb in the western town of Haditha, marking one of the
single deadliest attacks on American troops since the
invasion here in March 2003. An Iraqi civilian interpreter
working with the marines was also killed in the blast.

The American command here provided few details of the
attack, but said the marines had been riding in an
amphibious troop carrier "during combat operations" on the
southern end of the city when it struck the bomb. Even
though they operate in the desert, the marines often use
large amphibious vehicles to conduct patrols and transport
men and material. The vehicles are lightly armored.

There were indications that the roadside bomb used in the
attack was quite large; the marines said that only one of
the soldiers had been wounded, while 14 had been killed.
American commanders say that in recent months the
insurgents have been exploding bigger and more
sophisticated bombs, some of which focus the blast in a
single direction.

The attack brought the number of dead marines in Haditha to
20 in less than two days. On Monday, guerrillas ambushed
and killed a group of six marine snipers who were moving
through the town on foot. The insurgent group, Ansar Al
Sunna, claimed responsibility for that attack, and also
claimed that it had beheaded one of the marines.

There was no way to verify the claim, but the Americans
acknowledged that one of the snipers became separated from
the group, after possibly being dragged away by the
insurgents. Later in the day, masked men appeared in
Haditha's main central market carrying American helmets,
flak jackets and rifles.

Another marine was killed Monday in the nearby city of Hit
when a suicide bomber drove his car into a military convoy
and blew himself up.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for today's

Haditha is one of a string of cities that runs along the
Euphrates River from the Syrian border, and which American
commanders believe forms the network that shuttles
insurgents from their sanctuaries outside the country into
Baghdad and other parts of the Iraqi heartland.

The attack today in Haditha follows at least half a dozen
American military offensives in Haditha and other parts of
Anbar Province to shut down that network. But most of those
operations have been met with little resistance; the
guerrillas have seemed to melt away.

Part of the aim of the recent marine offensives has been to
allow the Iraqi government and police to reassert their
authority. So far, that hasn't happened. The police in the
area are often threatened with death and killed for
cooperating with the Americans; what Iraqi soldiers there
are in the area appear to be mostly Shiites and Kurds from
other parts of Iraq.

The marines killed today were part of the 2nd Regimental
Combat Team of the 2nd Marine division, which is part of
the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force.

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