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Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 3 07:24:58 MDT 2005

The media in smaller US cities doesn't invariably follow
the usual media hostility toward Cuba when local activists 
are involved and if the news involves friends, relatives, 
neighbors. In smaller cities they're less under pressure 
by big city politicians and self-described intellectuals.

The simple idea of local people thinking globally and 
acting locally in this manner draws the attention of the 
less jaded in the public. Actions like those of Pastors 
for Peace, the Venceremos Brigade and others are vitally 
important as ways of showing how to educate and practice 
simple human solidarity. The dominant ideology in the US 
today is a sad mixture of me-first greed as well as fear 
of people who are different from "us". Fear-driving minds 
can be affected by the creative, positive and non-violent 
examples of others. Cuban doctors in Venezuela and other 
places, treating patients and leaving smiles rather than 
bills, can inspire others. Caravanistas taking positive 
action to provide relief after a hurricane while the US 
government Washington Cubans and others from helping out 
in the crisis, these also inspire by their example.

Pastors, Venceremos and others, just like the Freedom
Riders during the Civil Rights movement of the Sixties, 
demonstrate in real life that another humanity indeed
is possible. People who take such actions and who face 
the attendant consequences inspire others by the power 
of their positive example. This is why they can get the 
kind of coverage we see here. Great work all around.

Juanita Rodriguez makes reference to the constition of
Cuba which members of her group brought back and which, 
apparently, weren't seized. Constitutions tell us a lot 
about a society. Not everything, of course, but it does 
give us an idea of the ideals the society hopes to live 
up to. In Venezuela much has been made of the Bolivarian 
constitution which was adopted by overwhelming majority 
vote after a long public process. It was the very first 
thing the coupsters abolished during their 48 hours in 
"power" in April 2002. Cuba's constitution is also an 
important document which can be viewed here:

Walter Lippmann, CubaNews

Pastors for Peace return from Cuba
Gazette-Times reporter

Corvallis resident Juanita Rodriguez has returned from her
trip with Pastors for Peace to deliver humanitarian aid to
Cuba, however many of her fellow travelers remain in an
encampment along the Texas-Mexican border, waiting for the
return of 15 boxes of computers to be returned by the U.S.
government, and for permission to take those and an
additional 55 boxes of equipment across the border into

The Caravan to Cuba, as it is known, which this year
consisted of eight buses and 130 people, travels to Cuba
annually in defiance of the U.S. embargo against the
country, refusing to get licenses for the goods they bring
into the country, or obtaining permission to visit the

Last month, the caravan was detained at the Mexican border
for a full day when customs officials removed some of the
many boxes of computers on the buses because the group had
not obtained an export license for the technology.

Rodriguez said she and others managed to get to Cuba with
crutches, wheelchairs, medical equipment, medicines and
bicycles. The items were given to the Council of Churches
in Cuba for distribution.

"We went to Cuba and came back with Bibles in Spanish and
copies of the Cuban Constitution," Rodriguez said.

The items were packed prominently in the tops of their
suitcases, she noted. The caravan members were careful not
to purchase anything in Cuba, but were given the Bibles and
documents freely in Cuba, and she said they were not
touched during their entry back into the United States.

Meanwhile, Rodriguez said, many members remain at the
border with hopes that they'll be able to cross into Mexico
with the donated computers.

For more information, contact Rodriguez at
juanitar at proaxis.com or see to www.ifconews.org.

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