[Marxism] Human Origins/Math symbols

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Wed Aug 3 08:32:51 MDT 2005

Les Schaffer wrote:


> LISP and symbols


apologies, i hit the send key accidentally. this was a reminder to 
myself to write something later to the list on symbols and (programming)

CB: Gee, is this an example of what Lenin refers to when he says we have to
learn how truth emerges from the correction of errors ?

I was thinking about analytical geometry night before last. It is kind of
interesting from the standpoint of symbols. Symboling involves
representation of something by something that it is not. 

In analytical geometry, basically, I think, "pictures" of thoughts are
drawn. Thoughts are _imitatively_ represented, purportedly.This is a kind of
obverse or opposite of a symbol. In a symbol a thought represents something
( a thought being not that something but used to represent it, the
definition of a symbol. In analytical geometry, when an algebraic function
is graphed on Cartesian coordinates, we purport to represent a thought by a
thing, the graph on the piece of paper or on the computer screen , a picture
of a thought. A thought is mapped onto a material space, purportedly .

But that is an amazing claim, to be able to draw a picture of an abstract
thought like  y = 3x + 7  . It is also the obverse or somekind of 'verse  of

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