[Marxism] Unity on what basis? uh effectiveness maybe?

brad janzen bradj2424 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 3 12:22:39 MDT 2005

These attacks are so contrived and so
UN-revolutionary, I don't know where to begin...not
worth getting into in any but possibly the most
general ABC basics of terms.
    Unity is good.
    Unity of theory and practice---also good.
    Keeping the focus on an event on demands with
which a broad and diverse segment of the people (i.e.
both "left" and "center") agree...such as, to pick a
random example, Bring the Troops Home Now!  Even this
marxism list does not include probably a single person
who disagrees with this demand (and there are some
pretty damn disagreeable people on this list, if I
might add).
     If anyone on this list is going to tell me that
awareness of let alone support for Palestinian
statehood is a basis for broad coalition-building on
the same scale as Bringing the Troops Home from Iraq, 
then all I can say is maybe you should get off of your
computer listserves and "marxist" webgroups right now
and go talk to a couple of people in the real world
out there.
    Is UFPJ demanding that pro-Palestine rights
activists stay away? NO.  Is UFPJ trying to stifle
their speech? NO. The demand for an end to ALL
occupations is perfectly acceptable; the only people
who can't see this are either incredibly naive, agents
provocateurs, and/or super-sectarians whose main
function is just to sow division and attack coalition
partners in disgustingly uncomradely fashion.  I know
a lot of people find "flame war"style fights on and
off the internet to be incredibly stimulating, but
some things are too important for such childishness
(on this list I guess I should say "infantilism")

Agree with Louis Proyect 100% when he writes:
> In reality, the most radical thing that can be done
> today is to get the 
> maximum number of people mobilized around the demand
> of immediate 
> withdrawal from Iraq. 

 One way to put it is that the most advanced demands
of the center is usually the best starting point for
effective coalition-building....but then some people
still prefer cadres and cults to coalitions.....what
are you gonna do (besides ignore it as best you can,
and organize around it!)

Peace and solidarity,
                      Brad J

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