[Marxism] Minutemen To Pull Out Of California Border Region

Daniel Patrick dark_haired_rebel at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 3 14:33:42 MDT 2005


I am not a minuteman, but...I do in some capacity work
for NBC...I won't go into details.

The Chuck Henry story was highly embarassing in
several respects.

1) The Calfornia Minutemen on their own site had
always planned this border 'event' to run from July
16th to August 7th or 8th. There is no early "pullout"
due to tensions.

2) The guns shown in the video were in plain sight, on
an unicorporated part of the city, not within view of
a residence. These stipulations make it ok in
California to carry a gun in public.

3) The most ergrious error...no one from NBC sent a
crew down to Campo or the other location. This is
breaking the first rule of reporting. All NBC had was
a tape, from an 'independent' videographer with an
unknown agenda...is THIS news reporting??? Getting
basic facts wrong and not doing the investigation

As I said, not a minuteman, but a redfaced NBC
employee...angry that this story made the rounds
without so much as checking facts.


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