[Marxism] IRA disarmament

JOHN MCANULTY jmmcanulty at msn.com
Wed Aug 3 19:24:01 MDT 2005

jmcanulty at tiscali.co.uk

I really don't see that anyone who argues that the collapse of the 
republican programme is a tactical issue needs to be answered.  As others on 
the list have argued before, it is supposed to be a Marxist mailing list.  
Apologists for Sinn Fein stretch credulity too far and ignore the main point 
of the McIntyre article, that the surrender occured long ago with support 
for the Good Friday Agreement.

At the moment Sinn Fein are in alliance with London, Dublin and Washington 
to stabilise the British colony in the North of Ireland.  If successful Ian 
Paisley, one of the most reactionary bigots on the planet, or one of his 
supporters, will become prime minister of the colony.

What's tactical about that?

Much more interesting than the apologies for Sinn Fein is the issue of the 
contractions that still face imperialiist rule in Ireland and the 
instability there.

More details at www.socialistdemocracy.org

John McAnulty

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