[Marxism] Pasolini case reopened

Charlie Parks carolus.parricus at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 22:28:48 MDT 2005

In May Pier Paolo Pasolini's convicted murderer, Pino Pelosi, recanted
his confession, in which he claimed that he killed Pasolini because
the latter had attempted to rape him in a particularly heinous way. He
now alleges that the openly gay (and openly Marxist) filmaker and poet
was in reality killed by a gang of rightwing (probably neofascist)
thugs who detained Pelosi and forced him to watch as they beat
Pasolini to death, calling him a "dirty communist" along with some
homophobic epithets.

There's great article by Doug Ireland surveying this development as
well as Pasolini's career in today's Znet:


BBC web article (May 10):

La Repubblica online (May 7, in italian):
A good article on the Pelosi timebomb and its fallout, whose author
rightfully considers Pasolini "the most courageous and anticonformist
of Italian intellectuals." In this regard, an approximate analog to
Pasolini on the American intellectual scene might be Gore Vidal, who,
like Passolini, dealt frankly in his early fiction with gay subject
matter and would, like Pasolini, later be known for his inconoclastic
radicalism (an analogy that needn't be pushed too far, of course, but
an interesting one nonetheless).


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