[Marxism] silliness

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Wed Aug 3 23:32:43 MDT 2005

There's no question as to where the Democrats have been drifting.  Joe
Biden--the voice of the old unrepentant liberalism of the eastern
seaboard--was on the DAILY SHOW tonight saying the Democrats should put
John McCain on the ticket.  And Hillary's morphing before our eyes into
Tipper Gore.

The real silliness is voting for them when they're doing this.  Let's
set aside the entire class argument for the present...  When voters cast
a ballot for Democrats drifting further right, their only impact is to
encourage the Democrats to drift further right.  This includes
"progressive" and "liberal" voters.

The party system of the 1930s-60s produced this "progressive" Democrat
argument, and the case might have been made for an FDR, a JFK or an LBJ
(though it was, by no means an "obvious" or persuasive case).  However,
since 1972, the Democrats have been inching away from any reformist
traditions in its past.  

This drift is clear enough among the Republicans.  From the pragmatism
of an Eisenhower, you get Nixon who was much worse.  But Reagan was much
worse than Nixon.  And Poppa Bush was worse than Reagan.  And Dubya is
worse than Daddy Bush.  It is an awful, putrid, indefensible bit of mass
murdering piratical horridness.

...but that's what the Democrats are tailing.  And, in the two-party
orbit the evolution of one party is NEVER distinct from what's happening
to the other party.....

...and that tailing is what Leftists vote for when they cast a
Democratic ballot.

"Silliness" indeed.

Mark L.

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