[Marxism] Darwin's Nightmare feature in Guardian

Charlie Parks carolus.parricus at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 00:10:49 MDT 2005

The Guardian has a fascinating feature article on the ecological
crisis of Tanzania's Lake Victoria, the subject of the new documentary
Darwin's Nightmare. Has anyone seen this yet? It evidently will make
it to the US sometime this month.--CP

When film director Hubert Sauper showed the mosaic warts on his feet
to a Parisian doctor, his reaction was, "Woah! Where did you get
those?" Sauper explained that he had just returned from making a
documentary in Tanzania, and he thought he had probably picked them up
in the fish-bone yard, where barefooted women squelched through a
seething mass of maggots, inhaling dense ammonia fumes, to hang
skeletal fish carcasses on racks to dry in the sun.
The fish-bone yard is one of the more memorable images in Sauper's
brutal film, Darwin's Nightmare, which opens in US cinemas this month,
having already won 18 first prizes in international film festivals. It
shows the social and ecological catastrophe that was set in motion
when, in the early 1960s, a man tipped a bucket of Nile perch into
Lake Victoria and spawned a fishing industry. It does not have a happy
ending. But the sequel, should there be one, just might. Biologists
now believe that the lake is balanced on a knife edge between total
disaster and possible recovery.

full: http://www.guardian.co.uk/life/feature/story/0,13026,1541613,00.html


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