[Marxism] Acts of Resistance Against Globalization from the South

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5-7 September 2005, Ankara 

(Draft Programme)




5 September 2005, Monday
 Opening Statement   
Korkut Boratav (Turkey) (Turkish Social Science Association-TSSA)



Session 1        New Forms of Intervention and Legitimation: 

“War against Terror” and Iraq 


Mahmood Mamdani (Uganda) (University of Columbia)

“Good Muslim, Bad Muslim: America, the Cold War and the Origins of Terror”


Ali Kadri (Lebanon) (Economic and Social Commission for West Asia, Beirut) 

“The Occupation of Iraq: Then and Now”


Julian Saurin (UK) (University of Sussex)

“The War against Terror and Contemporary Forms of Imperialism”


Filiz Çulha Zabcý (Turkey) (Ankara University)

“Coercive Strategies and War in New Colonialism” 


Discussant: Ýlhan Uzgel (Turkey) (Ankara University) 


 Session 2       The World Economy: Imperialism and Crises


C.P.Chandrasekhar (India) (Jawaharlal Nehru University)  

“Economic Interdependence and Instability in the Global Economy”


Cui Zhiyuan (China) (Tsinghua University) 

“China-USA Tensions and International Economic Stability”


Ahmet Haþim Köse and Ahmet Öncü (Turkey) (Ankara University and Sabancý University) 

“Unequal Crisis Tendencies in the World Economy”


Prabhat Patnaik (India) (Jawaharlal Nehru University)  

“Economics of New Imperialism”


            Discussant: Cem Somel (Turkey) (METU)



Session 3        Search for Alternatives in the South against Neoliberal Economic Policies 


Jayati Ghosh (India) (Jawaharlal Nehru University)   

 “Moderate Unorthodoxy or Radical Departures from Conventional Wisdom: The Case of India”


Alfredo Saad Filho (Brazil) (University of London, SOAS)

"Breaking the Hegemony of Neoliberalism: Alternative Economic Policies for Brazil"


Erinç Yeldan (Turkey) (Bilkent University)

“Search for Alternatives to Neoliberal Policies: The Case of Turkey”


            Discussant: Oktar Türel (Turkey) (TSSA)



6 September 2005, Tuesday


Session 4        Impact of Neoliberal Transformation in the South


Pasuk Phongpaichit (Thailand) (Chulalongkorn University)
“The Politics of Development in the Age of Globalisation”


Pýnar Bedirhanoðlu (Turkey) (METU)

“Neoliberal Agenda on Corruption and the Transformation of the State”


Birgül Ayman Güler (Turkey) (Ankara University)

“The Neoliberal Colonization Process: the Case of Turkey”


Fuat Ercan (Turkey) (Marmara University)

“The Role of Turkish Capital Groups in Turkey’s Integration into Global Capitalism: Questioning Alternative Approaches”


            Discussant: Eyüp Özveren (Turkey) (METU)



Session 5        Social Transformations and Class Struggles: Opportunities and Obstacles


Claudio Katz  (Argentina) (University of Buenos Aires)

“Center Left, Nationalism and Socialism in Latin America"


Sungur Savran (Turkey) (TSSA) 

“The Other Alternative: Rebellion against Globalization”


Necmi Erdoðan (Turkey) (METU)

“Class, Subalternity and Cultural Representation in Contemporary Turkey”


Metin Özuðurlu (Turkey) (Ankara University)

“New Dynamics of Class Struggle under Precarious Working Conditions” 


            Discussant: Galip Yalman (Turkey) (METU)



Session 6        New Forms of Resistance and Adaptation: 

Ideological and Sociological Aspects


Subhashini Ali (India) (International Development Economics Associates)   

“Some Examples of Women’s Organised Resistance to Neoliberalism in India”


Mustafa Þen  (Turkey) (METU)

Title to be announced


Mehmet Ecevit  (Turkey) (METU) 

“Survival and Resistance. The Peasantry” 


Jamie Gough (UK) 

Title to be announced


            Discussant: Bahattin Akþit (METU, Ankara, Turkey)



7 September 2005, Wednesday


Roundtable: A Balance Sheet of Resistance and Search for Alternatives  

Participants to be announced later 




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