[Marxism] Re: "The National Question" in the UPFJ-ANSWER Debacle is an Epic Farce"

Jon Flanders jonflanders at jflan.net
Thu Aug 4 19:03:24 MDT 2005

I just got back from our local anti-war organizing committee meeting.
Most of the discussion was about buses, not Answer and UFPJ. 

The group had already decided to put out their own leaflet, which pretty
much only focuses on Iraq. They list the two coalitions web sites on the

Activists on the ground are going ahead with mobilizing, not seeming to
worry too much about what the "great leaders" are doing above their

Jon Flanders

> I think the operative principle here is the "domino theory". If the Iraqis 
> prove capable of driving out the USA in the same way that the Vietnamese 
> drove out them out, it will unleash insurrectionary tendencies throughout 
> the Middle East. Insurgents in power in Baghdad would most likely provide 
> material aid to the Palestinians. They would be on a collision course with 
> the Saudi feudal bourgeoisie as well. I advocate doing everything possible 
> to hasten this process. This would be of vastly more use to the Palestinian 
> cause than an ANSWER-led protest which by its very nature will not be able 
> to affect either the war in Iraq or the Zionist state.

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