[Marxism] re: Marines died from small arms fire

M. Junaid Alam alam1 at lefthook.org
Thu Aug 4 20:23:58 MDT 2005

Brian is mixing things up. 14 Marines DID die from a roadside bomb to 
their amphibious assault vehicle. 6 died the day earlier from rifle 
fire. It's definitely a major humiliation to the Marines, since this was 
a sniper squad sent out to take out IED planters, and the insurgents 
isolated one of the Marines and killed him, and then killed the rest who 
were probably looking for him. And then the next day a massive IED goes off.

Anyway, in CQC infantry combat casualty ratios are probably always 
fairly even. The Marines aren't supermen or anything. If you follow the 
news reports you often see that a clash is "ended" when the ground units 
call in for artillery or air strikes, which is what makes all the 

On a related note: why the HELL would you bring an amphibious assault 
vehicle to a desert?

Another side note: does anyone else get the distinct impression that the 
people carrying out these attacks on soldiers have to be different 
people than the suicide bombers? The mainstream press ran some reports 
about insurgents' better IEDs and one of the things mentioned was that, 
to overcome the radio jamming the US uses to thwart remote IEDs, the 
rebels use wires long enough for them to be safely far away from the 
explision. That doesn't sound very suicidal-like to me.

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