[Marxism] Re: Marines died from small arms fire

Nick Halliday halliday.nick at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 21:10:49 MDT 2005


>> On a related note: why the HELL would you bring an amphibious assault
> vehicle to a desert?
> Another side note: does anyone else get the distinct impression that the
> people carrying out these attacks on soldiers have to be different
> people than the suicide bombers? The mainstream press ran some reports
> about insurgents' better IEDs and one of the things mentioned was that,
> to overcome the radio jamming the US uses to thwart remote IEDs, the
> rebels use wires long enough for them to be safely far away from the
> explision. That doesn't sound very suicidal-like to me.

Why use the amphibious assault vehicles? Because they are really light
tanks capable of functioning as personnel carriers but with fording
capacity. Also, for the same reason much of the USuk occupation
military runs rat patrols in awkwardly retrofitted humvees with road
warrior garbage can lid armour: if it still works, still rolls, use
it. M1 Abrams tanks, for example, are so heavy they wear themselves
out, especially on mixed terrain with loose soil and sand. The tracks
go very quickly. And they have no fording capacity whatsoever, while
heavy enough to collapse bridges.

The whole 'suicide bomber' thing is mostly for the pod people on the
homefront, since it makes it psychologically more reassuring to know
why 'our boys are fighting and wiping them out'. Look what such
reasoning did to Okinawa in WWII, where tens of thousands of Okinawan
civilians were annihilated because the Japanese fought 'suicidally'.
Never mind that if you are fighting a desperate war, many sacrifices
are going to be suicidal.

The shaped charges in the road are classic anti-armour warfare, and do
not originate with Hizbollah. This is because most armoured vehicles
are vulnerable either on the top of their turret or the bottom of
their hull, and if you want to pierce from the top, you need an air
force. No doubt a few armour-piercing RPGs and bigger stuff has killed
Abrams moving in urban areas, but the shaped charge in the road is the
way to go. The old Iraqi army would have known this from long ago, and
perhaps some of them are the ones who taught Hizbollah and Hamas
(which had some successes against the Merkeva tanks).


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