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Nick Halliday halliday.nick at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 21:22:07 MDT 2005

> http://www.counterpunch.org/neumann06242005.html
> June 24 , 2005
> Left Behind
> Victory and Recruitment

> As for the rest of really big business, it has great interest in arms
> buildups but no great interest in war. Boeing and Lockheed and Rockwell and
> the other really large defense companies can get big government contracts
> whether or not there is war. The US invasion of Iraq had done nothing for
> their stock price or their profits, because the really big contracts they
> get have to do with the development of advanced fighters, submarines,
> missiles, and other equipment that would be overkill in the Iraq adventure.>>

Which is precisely how the US forces so equipped have responded to any
resistance. CentCom gets an extra 100 billion dollars a year basically
to destroy Iraq and Afghanistan. The national security state-federal
contractor link and their 'state within a state'  running fascism as
foreign policy are simply to obvious and hideous to ignore. The US
government has been planning a war on Iraq for a long time, but the
era of sanctions were coming to an end (they were illegal and were not
for the most part approved by the UN) and Iraq wanted the right to
pump oil freely in order to get back into the world economy, made good
with the pathetic Kuwaitis, and recover from over a decade of covert
war, embargo and aerial bombardment. No wonder the domestic oil
interests and the global companies were either pro-war or 'neutral'. 
All that Iraqi oil rushing into the world market would make the price
go down like it was in the nasty 90s. This article made some good
points, but seems to miss many of the important ones. Nice try
Counterpunch, you still do dubious battle with academic and hippy
sissy kicks.


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