[Marxism] Re: Marines died from small arms fire

Nick Halliday halliday.nick at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 21:47:59 MDT 2005

And the colonel over there, he wants to know why the officers' mess
h'aint got no more peach cobbler. Anyway, the AAV soon to be AAAV/EFV
has a 40 mm cannon, so it's a light tank (though the new, more
expensive, equally non-transportable version will go down to a 30 mm
cannon). So the gyrine corps better use them to good effect in
'operation destroy all resistance', or they h'aint gonna get no more
peach cobbler.





>>Looking ahead, General Dynamics Amphibious Systems expects to enter
into operational assessments in fiscal year 05, according to Hall.
Extensive testing of the reliability, survivability, and capabilities
of the prototype vehicles will continue throughout the SSD phase.

This is a long-term program and a third generation of the EFV will be
developed before it is fielded, said Nans. "We expect to begin
fielding the EFV in fiscal year 2008."

Currently, a total of 1,013--935 EFVP, for personnel, and 78 EFVC,
command vehicles--are scheduled to be built and delivered through
fiscal year 2018. General Dynamics has selected a Prince William
County facility for production of the EFV.>>

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