[Marxism] Sgt. Carlos F. Lazo: "The cruelty of a policy" (El Nuevo Herald)

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(Read more about Sgt. Carlos Lazo and efforts by the 
Bush administration to further divide the Cuban family:
with this Radio Progreso commentary from Miami:
http://makeashorterlink.com/?Z2EC13F8B )

Posted on Fri, Aug. 05, 2005
The cruelty of a policy
By: Carlos F. Lazo

A CubaNews translation by Ana Portela.
Edited by Walter Lippmann.
from the original at El Nuevo Herald (Miami)

Going to fight on the other side of the world in the name
of freedom and democracy and, later, upon returning to your
country finding that you have lost your freedoms as a
citizen, is a sad irony. That is precisely what happened to
me after being a part of the troops in Iraq and fighting in
Falluja last year. For the past months, the United States
press have mentioned my case as an example of the
inconsistency and cruelty of the policy regarding Cuba. I
am a Cuban American and arrived at this country on a raft
during the early years of the 90s. In Cuba I left two sons,
now 16 and 19 years of age, with whom I have always had a
strong attachment, supporting them financially and visiting
them in the Island. I live in the state of Washington where
I became a sergeant medic of the National Guard and
councilor of handicapped persons for the State Department
of Social Services Department.

During my leave in the Middle East, in June of 2004, I
tried to visit my sons in Cuba. My chances of being killed
in Iraq were a daily constant urging me to see my children
since it could be the last. My wish did not come true. The
White House, involved in a tight election campaign and to
please a minority but powerful sector of the Cuban
community, decreed measures to reduce trips to the island
to once every three years. I had to return to Iraq without
going to Cuba. The planes between Miami and Havana took off
almost empty while dozens of travelers were left stranded
at the airport.

A year has passed and the cruel measures have been a
fiasco. The alleged destabilizing effect on the Cuban
economy has not borne fruit and the only evident result is
the unjust restriction that has castrated our most basic
rights as citizenz. Not even in the extreme case of a
family emergency are we free to board a plane and visit our
families in Cuba. The measures, in addition to being
inhuman in essence and anti-American by nature, have
transformed thousands of persons into delinquents, faced
with the choice of complying with the law or giving support
to their relatives. The latter choose to travel to the
Island clandestinely, without mentioning those who profess
a religion they do not have to obtain a special permission
to visit and embrace their family.

Behind these injustices that today had an identity in me,
there are thousands of victims, of Cuban Americans, who
have nowhere to voice their protest and demand such a basic
right as having normal relationships with their family in
Cuba. They number in the thousands of anonymous and pained
compatriots who are steeped in sorrow and hopelessness. Who
gave those representatives of our community the right to
decide how often we can embrace our family in Cuba, or that
my uncle is not an uncle and a cousin is no longer a

It's ironic that I have lost my freedoms as an American
citizen while I fought for democracy in other lands. Now,
another is added to the list: the unlimited hypocrisy of
congress members who claim to support family values and, at
the same time, have served this merciless attack against
Cuban families. Because of this, more so because of them,
thousands of Cuban Americans, today, cannot fulfill their
rights and duties to their families.

Cuban American lawmakers have been deaf to our demands to
abolish or modify this freak law that prohibits travel to
Cuba. The victims have no other choice, the thousands in
our community, but to elect representatives whose priority
in their political agendas is to respect our rights as
human beings and the sanctity of family values.

Sergeant of the National Guard


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