[Marxism] voice of the rational venezuelan opposition (vcrisis.com)

michael a. lebowitz mlebowit at sfu.ca
Fri Aug 5 12:40:17 MDT 2005

"Fidel Castro presides over a Venezuelan military graduation in 
Havana. In Havana for fuck sake!! All doubts as to who's in charge of 
Venezuela have dissapeared this day. From this day I do not recognise 
Chavez as president of Venezuela -nor that I did before. From this 
day there are no doubts in my mind that any and all means, fair or 
foul, must be utilised to oust him for today's event in Havana is an 
affront that I shall never forget nor forgive. Chavez, and the gang 
of creepy thugs accompanying him in this most detestable adventure, 
are the scum of this earth and as such ought to be treated. I would 
like to leave a record of the traitors that went to Cuba to kneel and 
bow before an assassin of Venezuelan soldiers, a small man whose sole 
legacy is to have propagated misery across the world. This is an 
affront that no Venezuelan with dignity should ever forget. We shall 
see that these men pay for this cowardly act. Only men without honour 
belong in Chavez's army."
This is from someone sitting in London and somehow immune from local 
legislation about inciting whatever./m

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