[Marxism] time for another antiZionist statement

acpollack2 at juno.com acpollack2 at juno.com
Fri Aug 5 13:00:26 MDT 2005

The Times has an article today on how a neoconservative-funded 
archaeological dig may or may not have found King David's palace. The 
article is quite explicit about both the tenuousness of the claims, and 
about the ideological purposes to which it will be put.

You may have seen articles in the last year or so debunking the very notion of King David's existence. (Will forward links later.) Be that
as it may, it would be good for someone to initiate a statement with
a heading something along the lines of:
"As Jews We Don't Give a Fuck."
King David or no, that land is not "ours": a) there's no "we," b) the
land is the Palestinians, and c) we're not going to let anyone use 
millenia-old superstition to justify colonization.

The last line of the Times article says:
"Ms. Mazar continues to dig, but right now, three families are living 
in houses where she would most like to explore. One family is Muslim, 
one Christian and one Jewish."

The statement could point out that if Zionism hadn't imposed itself
on the land -- and if it can be destroyed in favor of a democratic,
secular state -- maybe that experience could again be spread throughout
the land.

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