[Marxism] tech note: list addressing changes are upcoming

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Fri Aug 5 15:38:13 MDT 2005

Hans Ehrbar, who runs the server that hosts this list, is experimenting 
with a small change to his list server software. this change will allow 
Lou and I to alter how emails are directed to non-digest subscribers, as 
well as allowing us to offer several other (non-digest) options .

I will make the change to our list later tonite, but i wanted to give 
people heads up:

1. The first change will be in how the email is addressed. if you look 
right now at this email, you will see the To: header points to the list 
itself. some of you may be filtering your email based on this header. 
The To: will CHANGE to point to each of our subscribed email addresses. 
This apparently helps the bounce processing system. So you will want to 
change or add to your marxmail filter any of these headers:

Sender:    marxism-bounces at lists.econ.utah.edu
To:        marxism at lists.econ.utah.edu
Errors-to: marxism-bounces at lists.econ.utah.edu
Reply-to:  Activists and scholars in Marxist tradition <marxism at lists.econ.utah.edu>

these headers will remain as they are now, and would be suitable for 
filtering your marxmail posts into a folder of your choice. For 
filtering purposes, note that the Subject: line will still include the 
'[Marxism]' characters.  It happens that people subscribe from more than 
one email address, or cant remember which email they used to subscribe, 
and this change will help us clear out unneeded subscriptions.

2. we will then add a line in the footer to each message that gives you 
a clickable link to your own options page for the list. no more "how do 
i get to enable/disable my email, how do i change from digest to regular 
mail?" and so forth. each email from the list will include your own 
personal link at the bottom of each email.

3. however, to make changes on this options page you still need your 
list password. with the new setup, we CAN add your password to the 
footer, so there is no question how to make changes to your delivery 
options. HOWEVER, this password will be in plain text and could be 
intercepted by a clever third party. in general one shouldn't use an 
important password for something like Mailman. and of course, once a 
month, we DO already send out an email reminder of the password.  but 
many of us do not like carrying around a hundred passwords and may have 
chosen to use a sensitive one for this list. as a result, to begin with, 
i will NOT include the password until i am reasonably sure no one 
objects to the per-list-post password option. and i am fine if the 
decision is to NOT have the password emailed, except the once a month 

there may be other options that are offered, but  i will not be aware of 
them until i make the change, and i will announce them seperately.

because these "personalization" changes put extra load on the list 
server, Hans may decide to revert back to the way things are now. we 
apologize in advance if this occurs, but we think its an experiment 
worth trying.

Les Schaffer

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