[Marxism] Re: Re: Bill Bland & Socialist Realis

daniels xopher_daniels at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 5 17:05:53 MDT 2005


I was sick w/ flu all last week, hence my silence. Coming back to work
has been a disaster. Plus, there are currently 962 items in my inbox,
so I'm going to have to wade through a lot of stuff, but I did want to
touch base, and let you know that I haven't gone away.

Thanks for the helpful comments. I hope you understood that my mention
of spitting was in reference to a former, politically ignorant me, and
I worry that I have offended you. If I did, I apologize. I promise to
choose my words with more care in the future.

Funny that you'd mention Cornelius Cardew: I'm re-reading "Stockhausen
Serves Imperialism" right now. There's a PDF of it free online at:

I admire Cardew, and always have, as a person. I used to be utterly
mystified by his politics, but obviously am not so much, nowadays, as
I'm in the process of radicalizing myself, so his book is very helpful.
As for his music, I simply don't feel able to comment on it right now.
I mean, I'm still trying to understand some pretty basic Marxian
concepts! I used to have certain notions about his turn away from the
avant-garde, but those are no longer clearcut. Allow me to beg off
answering for a bit.

I'm curious to hear what Ian would have to say about Cornelius Cardew,
because he and I are very different. Ian is a virtuosic performer of
music that is extremely difficult for anybody to play. He's also a
composer. Despite all my studies I was never either of those things,
but an improviser. I'd imagine that his take on Cardew would be very
different from mine.
Anyway, this is all complicated stuff, and if I'm humble, it's only
because I know there's a hell of a lot I don't understand, and am in no
position to argue. I'm an artist, not an activist, most certainly not a
theorist and I'm grateful for your willingness to help me.


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