[Marxism] Reply to land title and cooperatives in Vzla (rrubinelli and Lebowitz)

nchamah at rogers.com nchamah at rogers.com
Sat Aug 6 12:36:38 MDT 2005

The problem with giving single title to units was very evident in the land
reform in Mexico the "egidos".  Part of Venezuela's problem will lie in
changing the liberal ideology enshrined in its constitution with respect to
property rights.  The agrarian worker in Mexico dreamed of owning their own
parcel of land in order to obtain financial credit for their activities.
Also once title was given to individual units these were surreptitiously
re-captured by large land holders through fake transactions. 
Therefore, I believe Venezuela may have to in some way enshrine this new
type of collective property right in its still liberal constitution. 

nchamah miller
Doctoral Candidate York University 

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