[Marxism] Hiroshima: For a Nuclear Weapon Free World

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 6 22:57:07 MDT 2005

Hiroshima: For a Nuclear Weapon Free World

Tokyo, Aug 6 (Prensa Latina) On the 60th anniversary of the
US atomic bombing of the Japanese city of Hiroshima, mayors
from cities around the world met in Hiroshima, to advocate
for a world free from nuclear weapons by the year 2020.

The meeting was held Friday at the International Conference
Center, a few meters away from the exact spot the atomic
bomb exploded on August 6, 1945, causing the death of more
than 140,000 people and leaving the city in ashes.

This episode, one of the most horrendous in the history of
mankind, was repeated three days later in the city of
Nagasaki, where 74,000 people lost their lives in an

During this year's ceremony in tribute to the victims,
Hiroshima Mayor Tadatoshi Akiba asked the United Nations
(UN) to create a special committee to work for a world free
of nuclear weapons by 2020.

Akiba will present the proposal before the General Assembly
in October to call on all countries to ratify the Treaty
for Non-Proliferation, and to maintain the moratorium on
atomic weapons testing.

In his 2004 Statement of Peace the Hiroshima mayor accused
the US government of ignoring international law by
continuing the production of smaller and easier-to-use
nuclear weapons.

A World Conference against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs is in
session in Hiroshima during the 60th anniversary of the US
attack, attended by representatives of governments,
pacifist movements and non-governmental organizations (NGO)
to pay tribute to the 1945 victims.

Thousands of Japanese and foreign volunteers participated
in the March of Stone, which ended at the Park of Peace in
Hiroshima, and some relatives of the victims of the
9/11/2001 attack on the New York Twin Towers were also

Some hours before this march, hundreds of students visited
the monument to Japanese girl Sadako Sasaki, who died of
leukaemia at just 10 years old following nuclear radiation

Sasaki believed that if she could make 1,000 paper cranes,
she would recover, but she died before reaching her

Since then, students from throughout Japan come to the Park
of Peace carrying paper cranes as a symbol of happiness and
long life.


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