[Marxism] Edward Herman Takes 'Em All on About Serbia

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Sun Aug 7 11:45:00 MDT 2005

Kerry Candaele wrote:

>Excuse me, but as a new member to this list, is this the kind of enlightened 
>"debate" I'm in for? 

to get an idea of the types of debates on this list, i would check out 
the archives first:


you will notice that the poster you replied to has posted here maybe 
once or twice in total. i actually agree with you that his post was 
pretty much just hot air. but you would do well to read the list for a 
while before making blanket statements about its content.

on a technical note, we ask all posters to clip extraneous text from 
their replies. this cuts down on parsing effort for all readers, and 
reduces download delays for subscribers behind slow modem lines.

les schaffer

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