[Marxism] Cuban singer Ibrahim Ferrer dies

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Sun Aug 7 21:29:26 MDT 2005

Eli Stephens' point is well-taken of course.

Juventud Rebelde, in the first report to appear
in the Cuban media, also didn't mention Ferrer's
exclusion by Washington from the Latin Grammys:

Nor did Cuba's Prensa Latina mention it in their report:

Via NY Transfer News Collective * All the News that Doesn't Fit

Prensa Latina, Havana

Cubans Mourn Death of Singer Ibrahim Ferrer

Havana, Aug 7 (PL)--Cubans mourned Sunday the death last night
of internationally renowned singer and composer Ibrahim Ferrer, 78,
who was revered for his love songs. He died in a Havana hospital of
multiple organ failure, said his manager Daniel Florestan.

Ibrahim Ferrer was born February 20, 1927 in Santiago de Cuba and at
the age of 14 began his long chain of contacts with Cuban stars like
Benny Moré, Pacho Alonso and Chepin Chopen.

Ferrer, a master of son and boleros, enjoyed late stardom after US
guitarist Ry Cooder called him to join other veteran Cuban musicians
to assemble the Buena Vista Social Club, whose 1997 recording landed a
Grammy award.

His wife Caridad said he had recently completed a 30-day tour of
Europe to promote his CD Mis Suenos (My Dreams) and was admitted to
hospital with gastroenteritis since his condition had worsened. He
will be buried on Monday.

Two other two members of the Buena Visita Social Club, pianist Ruben
Gonzalez and guitarist Compay Segundo, died in 2003.


ELI STEPHENS commented
Worth remembering is the fact that just last year, Ferrer and other Cuban 
musicians were denied visas by the U.S. Government to attend the Grammy 
awards (where Ferrer won a Grammy). Particularly worth remembering since 
neither AP nor Reuters saw fit to mention it to their readers:


Eli Stephens
  Left I on the News

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