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"The Question of Working-Class Power":

Bill Fletcher, Jr. Speaks to the Canadian Auto Workers
Conference, Toronto, Canada, 13 July 2005

By Bill Fletcher,Jr.

Good morning. President Hargrove, leaders, and members of the
Canadian Auto Workers, I wish to thank you very much for
inviting me to speak with you today. This is a great honor
and I have been looking forward to this opportunity.

If all goes according to some plans, by the end of July, the
U.S. trade union movement will fragment. These may sound like
strange words, but when I say "according to some plans," I am
quite serious. It has become clear over the last several
months that there are forces operating on both sides of the
so-called debate within the AFL-CIO who have no interest in a
resolution of the dispute outside a split. While cooler heads
may prevail, and a compromise may be reached, a personalized
fissure has been created that may never be repairable.

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