[Marxism] re Etnological Notebooks

dirkstir at shaw.ca dirkstir at shaw.ca
Mon Aug 8 16:23:50 MDT 2005

Presently Iam still trying to locate a 
copy of "The Ethnological 
Notebooks"K.marx editor;Lawerance Krader 
Van gorcum 72 and 74
This is a very important book,the print 
edition is very hard to find or they 
want hundreds of dollers.I am trying to 
get this book onto the Marxist Internet 
Archive so it can be available for 
all.and also this work needs to be 
knowen and studyed by all marxist.This 
is Marx's last major work,a work that 
might have caused some revisions of 
Marx's earlier works.also this work can 
help peope to get past euro-centric 
mindsets.And the awful habit of 
europeans and their decendents all ways 
judging other non-euro cultures.always 
comparing with the idea Europe is 
advanced develeped while all others are 
under-developed,primitive barbarian etc 
 I have 100Cnd I can spend on the book 
,or to rent it so I can scan it and get 
it up on MIA.THe monetary value should 
be immaterial this book deserves a wide 
readership a place on MIA.So if you feel 
as pasionate on this as I let me buy the 
book or rent it so I can scan it.Or 
perhaps you can scan it and send me the 
scan for editing etc before I send it 
off to MIA.I will alsa add if your a 
marxist how can you not want this book 
widly knowen and available wink,wink so 
lets get this done 

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